We Buy Estate Contents & Antique Collections

We want to help you sell your estate contents and antiques!

We not only provide professional estate sales services, we also buy estate contents and antique/vintage accumulation and collections. A an antique buyer in the Roanoke VA area we have purchased hundreds of collections from hundreds of families across the region.

Stuff We Buy!

Have Items For Sale In Roanoke VA or Close By? We buy antiques, Vintage Items, COINS, Old Trinkets, Military (WW1 & WW2 Items), Old Postcards, Old Documents, and more. List of items we are always looking for:

  • Old Silver Coins – Coin Collections
  • Old Postcards (REALLY OLD) 1920’s and older prefered
  • Old Photos and Old Photo Albums – Military Pictures, Local Photos, Boy Scouts, We love old photos from the early 1900s and WW1 WW2 Photos – Got old pictures? Call us!
  • Old Documents, Letters, Mail, Old Paper Items, Paper Advertisements and more. (OLD Means 1930s and back usually and not newspapers and life magazines)
  • Vintage and Antique Toys – We like the older stuff from the 50’s and back but love 70’s and 80’s Toys too! Sell your Vintage Toys to us.
  • Vintage Jewelry/Pins/Brooches/Political Buttons/Cufflinks/Pocket Watches/Old Mens Watches
  • WW2 Gear – WW1 Gear and items
  • Old Estates Full Of Junk and Treasure! We buy entire contents of old houses, Attics, Barns, and more. Call us if you have a HOUSE full of junk and treasure!
  • Old & New Tools
  • Smaller ANTIQUE Furniture (MCM or 100+ Years Old)
  • Military Items – WW2 and older
  • Old Paper – Photos – Postcards
  • Vintage Jewelry – Jewelry – Coins – Tokens
  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Old Local Items
  • Railroad Items – Tokens – Lanterns – Locks – Paper – Whistles – Parts and more.
  • Medals – Ribbons – Pins – Political
  • Old Toys – Vintage Toys – Antique Toys
  • Car Parts – Motorcycle Parts – Old Vintage Parts
  • Vintage Skateboards – Skating Clothes and more.
  • 1970s and 1980s toys and more.
  • Old Pocket Knives – Swords and more.
  • Old Postcards (PHOTO POSTCARDS)
  • Vintage Clothes – Vintage Decor
  • Old Bottles – Milk Bottles – Dairy Items
  • Old Signs – Advertising Items
  • Advertising Items
  • Old Store Displays
  • Antique Industrial Items
  • Antique Storage Bins/Drawers/Cubby/Cabinets
  • Jewelry – Costume Jewelry – And More Jewelry


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