Estate Sale Service

Let us help you liquidate your estate with a successful estate sale. We primarily manage estate sales with mostly vintage/older items and antiques or collectibles present. We also deal with estate sales that have high end items including art, vintage jewelry, watches, railroad items, old signs, large collections, firearms, local art, vintage toys, Tools, and more. Our estate sales team will make having an estate sale easy, fun, and profitable for you and your family.

We also buy estate contents and remove the items from your location and resell in our world! This is the fastest way to privately liquidate your items. The most profitable way to liquidate is hiring J.W. Holcomb & Team to organize a 3 day estate sale!

When A Loved On Or Family Member Passes Away – You may need to have an Estate sale or need help liquidating contents of their home or business.

When a family member or loved one passes away or is in transition to assisted living, it is an emotional time and with the passing and aging of a loved one comes responsibilities that may be passed on to you. One such responsibility is liquidating/selling their belongings and house contents to help cover living expenses, medical expenses, final bills and funeral arrangements. We are here to help – with so much to do and so many expenses it can be a stressful time. We understand the process and have been through it many times. We can help you clear out, sell, and liquidate all contents of an estate including vehicles, vintage items, household items, collections, jewelry, coins, farm equipment and more. Having an estate sale is a very lucrative option that takes planning and time; we will plan and manage everything from A-Z for you. If an estate sale is not something you want to try, we have other options and would love to speak with you to discuss how we may help.


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