About Us

To run or have a successful estate sale or liquidation campaign you need someone who knows more than just how to price a bunch of items and throw up a few signs and free ads online… You need someone that is well versed in all aspects of appraisal, pricing, advertising, social media, video, photo, presentation, marketing, hype, and management (and much more).

J.W. Holcomb has been involved in online & event marketing since 1998 and has been a member of the local and global reseller community for over 15 Years. With a following of over 20,000 Vintage buyers on social media and having been involved in reseller activity daily for the past 15 years, JWH has a superfluity of knowledge and resources available to help you and your family (or business) have a successful liquidation event or estate sale. 

J.W. Holcomb is considered by many as an expert in the Vintage and Antique reselling field. Identifying value/wanted items where others can not is one of the traits that makes JWH an asset when having an estate sale. By combining years of online/offline marketing and sales experience with a vast knowledge of Vintage items, Precious Metals, Jewelry, Culture and more, JWH is able to deliver results when it comes to liquidating your personal property.  

For Families or Individuals: 

Having an estate sale to downsize personal property or to liquidate a loved ones property after a death can be an emotional and stressful task. JWH Estate Sales service is here to help you and we understand the process as well as the emotional aspects of dealing with transitions and loss of loved ones. No matter why you are selling we can help you. We have managed living estates and beyond. 

Some Of The Items We Can Help You Sell: 

Vintage Items

Railroad Items
Old Tools
Old Toys
Vintage Jewelry
Old Paper
Old Photos
Pocket Knives
Old Signs
Advertising Items


Gold & Silver
Old Jewelry
Designer Jewelry
Costume Jewelry
Pocket Watches
Old Watches
Old Pins
Class Rings
Native American
Luxury Items
Gem Stones


Sterling Flatware


Honesty – Transparency – Integrity

Allowing someone access to your property and in to you life as an estate sales consultant or service, you are taking a leap of faith. We adhere by a strict set of rules when it comes to honesty, integrity, and ethics. We always do what is best for our clients and we help our clients feel at ease by giving them full access to our records and video/photographic documentation of estate contents. We are also one one of the only estate sales services in the region that has adopted the pay as you go model. We never hold your money or make you wait to get paid for your property (we cash out after each sale day – if possible). Check and Credit card payments may take 3-7 business days to clear, so this can slow the payout process but in most cases we pay you in advance of these holds!


For Businesses:

Business Property Liquidation, Inventory Liquidation, Business Asset Liquidation, Inventory Liquidation, Business Exit Strategies, Quitting Business. All of these terms might describe what you need or what you might consider doing. The bottom line is, if you have tangible business property or inventory that you need or want to liquidate, J.W. Holcomb can help you sell it. A business liquidation or going out of business consultant can help you squeeze money out of every last item or asset you have.



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