Why Having an Estate Sale is a Better Option than a Yard Sale

Estate Sales Vs. Yard Sales: Lets see why Estate Sales Are Better.¬† When it comes to downsizing, relocating, or handling a loved one’s belongings, many people face the dilemma of choosing between an estate sale and a yard sale. While both options aim to liquidate household items, an estate sale often proves to be a […]

8 Popular Antiques & Vintage Items In 2024

Antiques have always held a special allure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. In 2024, certain antiques have gained popularity due to their historical significance, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after antiques in 2024: 1. Mid-Century Modern Furniture: With its sleek lines, clean designs, and timeless appeal, mid-century […]

Hire an Estate Sale Company In Roanoke VA

Hiring an estate sale company can be a wise decision when faced with the daunting task of liquidating personal belongings and property. Estate sales are commonly used to manage the liquidation of a deceased person’s belongings, downsizing, or simply getting rid of excess items. By entrusting the process to a professional estate sale company, individuals […]

Estate Sale Service In Salem VA

Salem & Roanoke VA Estate Sales Have an estate sale in Salem VA and sell your item to a large crowd of eager shoppers. Estate sale are far better than yard sales, and garage sales. At an estate sale all items are priced and organized in a shopper friendly environment, mostly inside a home or […]

Why Hire Us For Your Estate Sale Needs?

Hiring and choosing an estate sale company or service can be a confusing and difficult task. Many questions will come to mind when you are seeking help to liquidate an estate. RoanokeEstateSales.com (J.W. Holcomb) has helped hundreds of individuals and families liquidate estate contents. We have heard and answered many questions about estate liquidation. We […]

Estate Sales In The Winter Months

Is having an estate sale in the Winter months a good idea? In short YES! Estate sales in the colder months or near the holidays and winter months are great. Historically we have seen great results in having estate sales in the winter months Nov-Feb have proven to be one of the best times to […]

We buy estate contents and offer estate sale services.

As you know we offer estate sale services in the Roanoke area and we have liquidated hundreds of families estate contents over the past decade. We also buy estate contents outright. Many people don’t want to or cant have an estate sale onsite or don’t have time to wait for an estate sale (urgency), this […]

How Many Days Are Most Estate Sales.

Most estate sales run for 3 days and normally start on Friday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the most popular days to have an estate sale. The weekend is most effective for estate sales for obvious reasons (Many People Are Off Work and School). Some sales run on Thursdays and On Mondays in addition to […]

Vintage & Antique Estate Sale Company

Estate sales are a great way to liquidate and sell your vintage items, antiques, and collections for top dollar. Having an estate sale company that specializes in vintage items and collections is very important when it comes to identifying value in older items. There are many ways to look up vintage items and antiques online […]

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