Best time to have an estate sale

When is the best time of year to have an estate sale?

Some would argue that early spring (or warm weather months) is the best time to have an estate sale, I do not entirely agree. I will say an early spring or spring sale is pleasant and seems more ideal since this time of year usually kicks off the start of  a lot of garage/yard sales. On the other hand, I have had more success in months where not many other sales are going on. A good example is we had an estate sale in december while it was cold outside and did great with it, or the time we had a sale in Feb. with 40 degree temps outside. We are also having a sale this weekend which is the day after thanksgiving (Black Friday). These times are great for a sale in my opinion because usually there is nothing else going on and zero to low competition. I believe the best time to have an estate sale is ANYTIME when there are no other sales in your area going on.

As far as the best days or time of the month, it’s obvious that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the best days to have a sale. As for the time of month I would say the second week in the month or mid-month. The first week of the month is usually bill paying time for many people and they may be less likely to splurge on purchases at this time.

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